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Request for Memorial Proposal Form Page

Although you are certainly welcome to visit our Inch Memorials retail location, request a visit by one of our sales representatives and phone, mail or fax your granite memorial requirements to us, we ask that you give our form below a try. The form shows basic granite memorial choices and helps us prepare the initial proposal we present to you.

How did you hear about our website?
If Funeral Home, Cemetery,or Other please name

Cemetery Name and Location:

Cemeteries often have memorial restrictions. The regulations for several Michigan cemeteries are shown on our Regulations Web page.

Memorial Type:
Please refer to the Memorial Types page for options.
Granite Color:
Please choose a granite color.  Please refer to the Granite Colors page for reference.

Designs: (choose a design # from one of the boxes below)

Please choose a design. The design is carved into the face of the granite memorial. Please refer to the Monument Designs page for your selection The choices available here are the more commonly chosen. There are hundreds of other choices available. One of our sales representatives can show you the alternatives. Please remember that the preferences you are giving us are the start of your decision process and you won't have a final quote for your choices until an Inch Memorials sales representative has had a chance to talk to you and prepare a proposal.

1st Deceased's Name and Dates of Birth and Death:
2nd Deceased's Name and Dates of Birth and Death: If companion monument requested.
Additional text to be carved on memorial face:
Customer Information


E-mail: If you provide an e-mail address, a formatted copy of what you submit will be e-mailed to you. Note that not all e-mail programs support formatted e-mail messages.




Dates and Times Available to Talk or Meet:

Preference for initial contact by an Inch Memorial Sales Representative:


Northville, Michigan

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