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Carving options for your marker or monument

Click on any image for a larger view.

Shadow Shaping : The outline of the design is sandblasted and the interior is shadow carved to enhance the detail of the design. Shadow carved designs are commonly used on flowers, leaves, faces and any other designs that would benefit from the added detail.

Sandblast or Flat Carving: Sandblast designs are the most basic type of carving available. Flat carved roses and other floral designs are not preferred for upright headstones.

Sculpture / Statues: Sculptures and granite statue carvings consist of an image that is hand sculpted using many different pneumatic chisels and other granite carving tools. The quality of a hand sculpted statue will vary greatly depending upon the individual sculptor.


Hand Etching: A hand etching consists of using a diamond tipped engraving tool to draw or "etch" directly onto a polished monument. An etching looks best when it is done on a polished black granite monument because this will give you the greatest contrast.

Laser Etching: Our new laser engraving process involves etching an exact reproduction of a photograph or drawing directly into black granite. This unique process creates detailed, affordable, photographic quality pictures of your loved ones.


Northville, Michigan

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