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The Sentinel® Realistic Electronic Vigil Candle offers families and friends an attractive, dependable, virtually maintenance free way to memorialize their loved ones at the gravesite, sanctuary or home. These battery/AC powered candles produce a flame that is indistinguishable from a real wax candle.

Manufactured from a high impact material, it’s highly resistant to damage from lawn mowers or weeding equipment, and inclement weather. When turned on, the Sentinel® Candle is VISIBLE DAY and NIGHT. The flame and its electronics have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours or 11.5 years.

Each Sentinel® Candle houses its own memorial chamber, which allows you to encapsulate a memorial object and/or personalized message in the candle lid.

The complete line of Sentinel® Candles are manufactured in the U.S.
and are available in 4 glowing colors.

Remembrance Lite
Gold anodized aluminum with your choice of Ruby, Blue or Clear globe.

Candle Refills
Candle will burn continuously
for up to 7 days.

Solar Candle Inserts
Solar charged batteries for continuous, long lasting glow.

Solar Powered Vigil Candle
Complete solar powered unit. Includes candle, ground spike or vase, and five frosted decals.


Northville, Michigan

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