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The Sentinel® Realistic Electronic Vigil Candle offers families and friends an attractive, dependable, virtually maintenance free way to memorialize their loved ones at the gravesite, sanctuary or home. These battery/AC powered candles produce a flame that is indistinguishable from a real wax candle.

Manufactured from a high impact material, it’s highly resistant to damage from lawn mowers or weeding equipment, and inclement weather. When turned on, the Sentinel® Candle is VISIBLE DAY and NIGHT. The flame and its electronics have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours or 11.5 years.

Each Sentinel® Candle houses its own memorial chamber, which allows you to encapsulate a memorial object and/or personalized message in the candle lid.

The complete line of Sentinel® Candles are manufactured in the U.S.
and are available in 4 glowing colors.

Remembrance Lite
Gold anodized aluminum with your choice of Ruby, Blue or Clear globe.

Candle Refills
Candle will burn continuously
for up to 7 days.

Solar Candle Inserts
Solar charged batteries for continuous, long lasting glow.



Northville, Michigan

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